Online gaming has proven to be immensely popular and lucrative, providing players with authentic gaming experiences as well as creating large profits for their owners. With the rapid expansion of online gaming, offshore financial centres such as Mwali are typically taking the lead and have established a strong reputation for efficient and adaptable regulation of this business in a tax-free environment.

   Licenses for online gaming and betting can be issued only to Mwali companies. If desired, an application for a new IBC may be submitted simultaneously with the licence application.

   The Mwali International Gaming Licence allows the licensee to use different brand names and to offer different gaming experiences (such as casinos, sportsbook etc)  and use as many and different websites as they desire, provided each website clearly displays the name of the owner and the electronic trust seal issued by the Mwali International Services Authority.

   The application process is straightforward and licences are typically approved within seven working days. A rigorous background check in compliance with international anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing standards is required on all principals and officers.

   Moheli Corporate Services Limited provides a full registered office and registered agent service in compliance with applicable Moheli legislation. As your service provider we are committed to the success of your business and we will work with you along the way to advise and assist as required.

International Brokerage
The International Brokerage & Clearing House License allow for the license holder to engage in activities such as:
# Stock Brokerage
# Securities Brokerage
# Financial Advisory
# Asset Management
# Fund Management
# Custody Services
# Transaction Clearing
# Payment Processing
# Currency Trading (FOREX)
# Issuance of Securities
# Underwriting of Securities

In order to apply for a license the applicant must first establish an International Business Company (IBC) in MWali. The IBC should have a minimum of one director who can be of any nationality and resident anywhere. The IBC should have a minimum of one shareholder which can be an individual also acting as director or a Company registered in any other jurisdiction. This capital requirement can be satisfied with a financial guarantee.
If you wish to go ahead with the formation of a company you have to meet certain due diligence.
MoheliCorporateServices will proceed with the formation and incorporation procedures no documents will be forwarded to the applicant until the following due diligence materials have been received:
• Notarised copies of operative pages of passport for all persons
• Current bank reference Ideally the reference should reflect a satisfactory relationship for all persons
• Address confirmation by copy of recent utility bill or recent bank statement or major credit card bill (2 different documents) for all persons
• The IBC applying for a license should have a minimum capital of EUR 250.000. This capital requirement can be satisfied with a financial guarantee.
• Business plan.

Ordering procedure:
• Fill our application form and prepare all above mentioned documents for all persons
• Send us all required documents by fax or email that we can check them
• We will issue an invoice with application fee
• When we receive the payment we start to incorporate the company. It will take up to 4 weeks.
• We will send you all the company documents at the time when we receive the annual fee payment.


Mwali International Services Authority now offers a new regulatory regime for professional trustees and trust companies to book business in the tax-neutral jurisdiction of Mwali (Moheli) in the Union of the Comoros. This new category is designed to be attractive to existing financial services businesses that handle third party or inter-company business but do not need a full banking licence. It can also be used by third party payment processing businesses. Finally, it may be attractive to start-up businesses that may not qualify for a full banking licence.

Basically they work in a similar way, regular full-licensed banks work.
Among the services FL offer, these are included:
Deposit taking & lending
Debit and credit card services
Issuing of financial guarantees and instruments
Cash management services
Current accounts
Checking accounts
Savings accounts
Term deposits
Issuing of CDs
Wire transfer services
Payment processing services
Fund management
Marketing of investments
There no capital reserve requirements, nor nationality requirements for directors and shareholders. However, offshore finance companies cannot bear the word " bank" in their name.
As for formation it's really a quick process if all requirements are met . Application for permission for a finance licence should be made to the Mwali Offshore Finance Authority after an IBC is obtained and after completing an Application Form from the Registrar of International Businesses. The following documents are required:
1. A detailed business plan of the company:
Activities of the finance company
Countries in which the finance company is looking to invest.
The percentage of ownership by the shareholders
The details of the ultimate beneficial owners (chart may help if many)
Any other useful information to support the application.
2. CVs of all the directors
3. Full contact details of the directors and shareholders (KYC questionnaire)
4. Bank reference for all the beneficial owners
5. Clear certified passport copies of all beneficial owners
6. Proof of addresses (utility bills)
7. Business or legal reference for the beneficial owners
8. Legal doc for the shareholding companies (articles, certificate of incorporation etc)
9. Latest audited financial statements for all shareholding companies (if any)
10. A certificate to prove that the beneficial owners do not have a criminal record

Furthermore, all companies with finance licenses are required to submit their annual accounts to the Mwali Offshore Finance Authority

For Individual
• A certified copy of passport (or national identity card). The document must be certified by a banker, lawyer or actuary or notary or accountant holding a recognized professional qualification.
• Proof of residential address. Acceptable evidence includes an original utility bill, bank or credit card statement.
• Original Bank Reference.

For Corporate/Partnership
• Certificate of incorporation or registration and the memorandum and articles of association. Document has to be certified by banker, lawyer or actuary or notary or accountant holding a recognized professional qualification.
• Original Bank Reference.
• A certified true copy of latest audited account or annual report.
• A Certificate of good standing (for Société).
• List of substantial shareholders (who holds not less than 5% of the voting power exercisable at the meeting of shareholder/member) and a list of directors, and corporate structure.
• A certified copy of Board resolution granting authority to its managers, officers or employees to transact business on its behalf.

   Under the International Insurance Act 2005 it is possible to establish international insurance business from Mwali.

   First it will be necessary to make an application to the Mwali International Services Authority. Applications should be made by Mwali companies already registered as IBC (International Business Company). Alternatively, an application for a new IBC and for the Insurance Licence may be made simultaneously. All applications must be submitted via Moheli Corporate Services Limited as the exclusive registered agent licenced by the Mwali International Services Authority.

   Additionally, a qualified insurance manager, resident in Moheli, must be appointed. This service is provided by Moheli Insurance Services Limited.

   The Authority can authorize either a General Insurance License, insuring different parties' risks, or a Restricted (Captive) Insurance Licence typically used for insuring the risks of related parties. In all cases a detailed business plan must be presented to the Authority for approval. The Authority must be convinced that sufficient diversification of risk is achieved and that prudent standards are being maintained. Annual reports and accounts must be filed with the Authority.

   The advantage of Insurance Licencing in Moheli is that routine applications are typically approved within 7 working days. The regulator's policy is to be accessible to clients' requirements at all times.

   Moheli Corporate Services Limited can advise on all aspects of the procedure from start to finish and can provide a full captive management service. We also welcome cooperation with insurance management professionals.

   As the world becomes a global village and more investors look beyond their geographical boundaries for security, strength and opportunity, there is a great business case for forming your own bank in  tax-neutral environment. This international banks offer great benefits to the owners as they enjoy more privacy and ease of use than their domestic units.

   The autonomous Comoran island state of Moheli passed its Offshore Banking Act in 2001 and currently has more than eighty registered institutions. The Mwali International Services Authority (MISA) is dedicated to providing as much business freedom and flexibility as possible, along with strong statutory confidentiality for legitimate offshore banking clients, whilst maintaining a strong compliance culture in anti-money-laundering and anti-terrorist financing matters. The result is that neither Moheli nor the Comoros have ever been subject to the censure, scandal and international blacklisting that have plagued less well-regulated jurisdictions over recent years.

   Offshore banking licences may be approved expeditiously subject to successful background checks on directors and shareholders and approval of the business plan by the banking regulator's office. Offshore banking licences are granted by MISA exclusively to Mwali IBCs. If desired, the application for an IBC may be submitted simultaneously with the bank licence application.

   From 01 January 2013 has entered a new Banking Act 2013. The purpose of this Act is to foment the development of the Island as a responsible international financial center complying with global best practice and regulatory standards, and to provide incentives by way of tax exemptions for international banking business carried on from the island.

   In preparing the application, particular attention should be paid to the business plan. The regulator will be looking to ensure that the proposed bank is sufficiently capitalised for its planned operations. Banks with the minimum permitted capital will typically be licenced solely for in-house treasury functions, whereas banks looking to accept deposits from the general public will be expected to have higher capitalisation and human resources depending on their expected operations. The Moheli regulator demands high liquidity at all times.


   Please feel free to contact our offices to discuss requirements and processes in detail. We are looking forward to working as your trusted partner.