What is Mwali (Moheli) Corporate Services Limited?

Mwali (Moheli) Corporate Service is a recognized leader for business, legal and financial services in Comoros.

Moheli Corporate Services Limited is the company that helps its clients to form and register

new companies and get the varied services license.


Where MCS is located?

We are located in Moheli, an autonomous island in the Union of the Comoros and we maintain a European representative office in Marsa, Malta.


What kind of license we prove our client with?

We assist our clients in obtaining licenses for services in

  • International bank
  • Brokerage
  • Captive insurance
  • Gambling
  • International Business Company


Within what legislation we act?

We act under the legal framework of our jurisdiction, established in 2001 as well as International Bank Act of 2013 and abide by anti-money laundering law of 2014.


How can we confirm the legitimacy of the services provided?

To ensure the security of being our clients we offer to consult the official Mwali (Moheli) government website at www.mwaliregistrar.com.  Moheli Corporate Service is incorporated and licensed at Ministry of Finance and at the Commercial Court of Mwali (Moheli), Comoros.


How long does it take to apply?

Gambling license

Application takes up to seven working days.

The whole procedure will take 2-4 weeks 

International bank license

The whole procedure will take 2-3 months

Trust services license.

The whole procedure will take 2-4 weeks

International Business Company 

The whole procedure will take 3-7 days

What are the benefits to be our client? 

As an exclusive licensed registered agent of the Mwali (Moheli) International Services Authority we give our clients professional assistance and advice on being able to

  •  conduct your activities beyond geographical limitations leveraging on security, strength and opportunity.
  •   establish your business in a tax-neutral legal environment
  •  make sure they use have privacy and easiness of conducting business rather than under their domestic jurisdiction