Moheli Corporate Services Limited is a specialist company formation agent. We are located in Moheli, an autonomous island in the Union of the Comoros and we maintain a European representative office in Marsa, Malta.

   We are the exclusive licensed registered agent of the Mwali (Moheli) International Services Authority. As a licensed service provider, we comply with international due diligence standards as well as high levels of staff competence, service quality and safeguarding the clients´ interests.

   We provide professional, fast and efficient company registration services including bank formation, captive insurance services, gaming (gambling and betting) licences and trust company formation in Moheli, the Union of Comoros.  

   The legal framework of our jurisdiction, established in 2001, will ensure the highest degree of competence and confidentiality. We also have very competitive fees. We provide company formation and financial licencing services directly from Comoros.

   These pages will provide everything you need to set up your own company in Mwali, (Moheli), Union of Comoros.  If you have any questions you can contact us. We are always ready to answer your questions.