Moheli Corporate Services is a recognized leader for business, legal and financial services in Comoros. It is authorized by the Legislative Assembly of the Moheli Finance Authority for the marketing of all licenses the Moheli FM issues all banking Licenses, On Line gaming Licenses, Insurance Licenses, brokerage Licenses & Foundations as well as Moheli International business companies (IBC).
   The Government of Moheli issued new laws which created a banking sector in Moheli, which provides the right environment for economic development and direct foreign investment. The laws allowed registration of licenses for International business companies ( IBCs ) as well as Banking, Internet gaming, Insurance & Brokerage Licenses, as well as Mutual Funds &Trusts. There are excellent conditions for leading business for IBCs in this sphere because the aim is to encourage foreign enterprises to have a physical presence on the island. The legislation of Moheli is modern, convenient and flexible. It appeared due the experience of business centers for the last tem years and it creates liberal and business-friendly environment.
   Confirmation of our authority can be found on the only official Moheli government website at
   Moheli Corporate Services incorporated and licensed at Ministry of Finance and at the commercial court of Moheli, Comoros. We have been assisting clients to set up international companies for years. Many clients have been with us over a decade so we must be doing something right!
   Through our extensive monitoring of associations, located throughout the world's tax-havens, we can offer cost-effective and efficient company formation services. We are not a budget supplier, but neither do we wish to charge the enormous fees, that some of our competitors do, for providing very little.
   Moheli Corporate Services provides specific advice on the usage of companies in Moheli, Comoros. If it is necessary we can describe corporate structures which we believe could benefit our clients in particular situations. But still we leave it to our client to determine the suitability of the structure to his particular situation and to obtain professional independent tax advice where appropriate. All of the fees we quote for company formation packages are fully inclusive, as we do not believe in misleading clients by quoting a low formation price and then adding on extras galore as is the case elsewhere.
   We can arrange to have copies of documents, powers of attorney etc legalised/apostilled in Comoros.
   We are happy to discuss any individual requirements you may have and are prepared to tailor our service to suit in most cases. Please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have which are not covered in this website.